Wednesday, 17th May

We all met at the school building and had a tour through the school. After that we all took a tiny bus and drove to the second school building where we met the rest of the group in the gym. There we learned a dance, it was really fun. We also danced Lambada, Zumba, the duck dance and a mixture of different dances types. And we played a traditional Polish game. Then we had lunch at school, it tasted very good. We had some free time after lunch and then we did a hunter game in Kasina Wielka, where we walked through the town and had to answer questions in our booklet. In the evening there was the welcome party, the teachers of every country said something and shared their memories with the other  people about their time in Poland five years ago. Then the buffet was opened and there was a big cake. The  buffet was really big. We also danced the rest of the evening. At the end we all danced the dance we learned in the morning. We had a lot of fun and at 9 pm we all went home.